Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A New Way to Raise Money for your Library

Well, I'm not sure how well or how long this link will work, but here's hoping:

Sexy Librarian Calendar

In case the link is problematic, I'll tell you briefly about it. Twelve librarians wanted to get their colleague a special going away gift. He's retiring after 32 years. So they decided to make a calendar with their pictures in it. Then, after talking to photographers they decided to basically pull a Calendar Girls stunt to raise money for their libraries. Down to six willing librarians they posed with oversized books covering their unmentionable areas (the article clearly states that they all had some clothes on during the photo shoot, the books just cover the clothes giving the appearance of being nekid except for the books). If the link doesn't work, don't be depressed - the article didn't have any pictures.

So this got me thinking. My library is desperately in need of funds....

To finally give appropriate credit - I found the link to this article on the LibrarianInBlack blog. She also mentions that Opera's browser is now completely free with no ads! I love Firefox, but perhaps I should check out Opera.

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