Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday Fun

Fun and entertaining events taking place on a Thursday in Library Land:
  • The student who kept exclaiming "touché" while I was helping him with the catalog and other things. Tourette's anyone? At least I felt my help was well-received.

  • Computer services bringing back our four broken computers (supposedly fixed) only to leave them here long enough for us to discover they were still broken, but now in whole new ways! Computer services then returned and confiscated them again. Apparently, librarians can't be trusted with computers.

  • Kat hearts post-its: My student worker came into the lunchroom today holding a piece of paper and laughing at me. I'd stuck 3 post-its on it about Interlibrary Loan-related things, none of which she could decipher. And that doesn't include the other post-it I'd stuck on a different sheet of paper. The worst of it is that I'd managed to write all of these post-its in less than 24 hours. What can I say? Post-its are my friend.
Life sure is interesting in Library Land.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have yet to experience Mr. Touche. As for computer services...I'll just keep my thoughts to myself...