Thursday, December 15, 2005

Going to the Dogs

This is totally unrelated to the usual topics covered in this blog, but I just have to post about it. It's so absurd!

I'm sure we've all heard of the "dog ate my homework" excuse. Thought that was bad? Well, here's a new all-time low when it comes to accusing the dog.

Check out this news story at Andi the Ohio Police Dog Named in Lawsuit. Apparently a drug dealer is suing for $450,000 in damages from "police investigators, Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle and the trial judge", and a dog! Of the dog, he said, "I want him charged with several different felony counts."

If the guy wins, what's the dog going to use to pay his share of the damages? Bones? Can you even really sue a dog? I am surprised they have gone as far as to have the dog "sign" the formal complaint with a paw print!

And, of course the drug dealer is representing himself! What lawyer would take that case?

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