Monday, December 12, 2005

Radio Ads I'd Actually Listen To!

As I was pulling into work this morning, I heard an ad that caught my attention because of its unusual nature. It sounded like an ad for a movie but without all the background sound effects, character voices, and so on. Then they mentioned Alex Cross and I thought, oh, another one of James Patterson's books must have been made into a movie.

But no! It was actually an ad for James Patterson's latest BOOK! On a regular radio station (as opposed to NPR or an AM station)! And in an area where the biggest bookstore around is the Waldenbooks in the mall, no less!

How exciting! :)

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Jenny said...

Hi Katie Watie! Hehehehe, you are no longer the only one who can respond to blogs! Yes, that's right! I created an account just so I can leave you messages! I also just wanted to tell you again how amusing i find it that you are that excited about hearing ads on a real radio station for books.
love you katie watie!