Thursday, January 05, 2006

Excellent Web 2.0 companies

What can I say, I love Michael Arrington's TechCrunch blog, and I highly recommend subscribing to it. I'm a little behind on my reading and am just now going through about 30 posts. It takes a while because I end up checking out a lot of the products he mentions.

Michael has posted a list called "Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without" and you should check it out. :) Of the ones he's listed, I definitely could not live without Bloglines. I use Feedburner but started so recently that I do not really know how useful it is for me yet. Plus, my blog isn't nearly as popular as his is and very few people are subscribing to my feed.

As a result of this post, I am now checking out Pandora. I love it so far but I've only listened to three songs. You don't have to register to use it, but I assume if you want it to save your list'o'favorite songs, you have to. It's free but has ads. You can also opt for an ad-free paid version. I've been trying Yahoo! LaunchCast for a bit, but it drives me nuts that it doesn't work in Firefox (please please please stop forcing me to use IE!). Plus, they seem to play the songs in groups. If you like country, alternative, soft rock, whatever, it will play the country, then the alternative, then the soft rock for the most part. But it is a nice customizable streaming radio service that saves your preferences.

A side note: If you are interested in seeing the many feeds I read, check out the link in the righthand column that says Kat's Bloglines Feeds.


Stacy said...

I never noticed that about Yahoo music before (the grouping). I hate that it doesn't remember my "Do Not Play" songs (even if I am on a genre station, I still don't wanna hear it)! But I still like to find music that way. And you would think Yahoo would be all about supporting different browsers (agreed: annoyed).

I used Pandora before, but it only played 3 songs before it required me to subscribe. I'm not all about the fundage, so I just ignored left it for my Yahoo stations. If this has changed, I'll have to check it out again.

While we're talking about annoying things, I hate blogger's word verification for comments because it's never actually legible (is that a "j" or an "i"?)! Not your fault... but, jeesh, how many times do I have to try! (And what if my poor grandmother wants to comment? Her eyesight's not so good, you know.) Boo, blogger, for that.

Kat said...

I have not noticed that Yahoo did not remember the "Do Not Play" songs.

I subscribed to Pandora on about song three - for free. It's free but supposedly has ads. I'm not getting any audio ads, just seeing the visual ones on the website which is fine by me! Much better than the Yahoo ads.

Yes, I agree, I hate Blogger's verification letters too (and yes, even I have to verify to post comments on my own blog), but I was getting spam comments. It's either the verification letters or setting it so I have to approve comments before they are posted, and I prefer verification letters. Boo on them for their illegibility!