Sunday, February 19, 2006

Picking a wiki is tricky!

So why not use the Wiki Choice Wizard? It asks you some questions about what you are looking for in a wiki, and gives you a list of wikis that will fill that need. Seems to work rather nicely.

Of course, they don't include all wikis (could you ever include all of anything on the web?). I've used Schtuff to create a wiki, and I don't see that one on the list. Schtuff works alright but it does not do everything I would like it to. I wish I'd known about this site when I first created my wiki. Oh well, I can always migrate!

[Found on Download Squad]


Nye! said...

ok, so, speaking of wikis... i told you a month ago that i had a wikipedia story to tell, but then i never did. i guess i decided it just wasn't entertaining eough. you had sort of to be there. but i will tell it now.

i decided that i had been around long enough and done enough stupid crap that i needed my own entry on wikipedia. now, i knew that they had people who sort of policed the system, but i had no idea how adamant they were. i wrote a little bio, including ridiculous (but true) facts about myself, and posted it at 3:01. by 3:03 it had been tagged for deletion. when things get tagged for deletion there is a period in which users can comment on the article and argue for or against it. by 3:05 i had IMed a number of friends and told them to argue for keeping it. by 3:20 several of my friends had weighed in on it, and like 30 other people had recommended removal. by 3:22 it was gone.

those people are ruthless.

liz said...

Speaking of wikipedia, here's an interesting Post article:

Kat said...

Hey Nye! After eagerly anticipating your Wikipedia story, I have to say that I'm not disappointed. Trust you to do something like that (and I bet the ridiculous facts were highly entertaining!). :) I had no idea how adamant the people policing Wikipedia were either, although perhaps they are more so now after the recent issues they've had. Only 2 minutes for it to be tagged for deletion and completely gone within 21 minutes - wow!

Liz - I'm actually having my students write a reaction paper to one of the many issues concerning China's censorship of the internet - specifically that Google China filters its results. I've started reading that Post article and it's quite interesting so far. Thanks for posting it! :)

paul said...

The article was probably removed because it was not restating information published in a reputable source (was it?).


It's a cruel world. I am impressed with how fast it was handled.