Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blog in Hibernation

For those of you who check my blog on a somewhat regular basis, I apologize for the sparsity of posts as of late. Okay, as of this whole semester pretty much.

Teaching a class has kept me incredibly busy (I think I may have made this comment before...). And now as the semester draws to a close, I find myself even busier. I am getting ready to travel to China for 12 days, and I leave a week from Thursday. And before that day, I need to pack (that's what the night before is for, right?), grade final projects, grade other assignments, attend end of the semester events, and so on.

So the lack of posts will continue for a while. But maybe I will post some lovely pictures of China when I get back - to give you something to look forward to. :)

And now to go skim some of Lonely Planet's China travel guide.

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