Friday, June 16, 2006

MySpace is huge!

According to a recent TechCrunch post, MySpace has 75 million users, and more page views than Google, MSN, or Time Warner/AOL. It comes in second only to Yahoo!.

That's crazy!

And it also may explain why, more often than not, MySpace is having technical issues, which most often seems to be an incredible slowness. Sometimes I question why we put up with this slowness and unreliability when most of us are horrified at the thought of reverting back to dial-up. Why is it acceptable from MySpace but not an internet service provider?


paul said...

It is acceptable because MySpace is free and it is already the standard. Momentum, not technical merit, is what decides. Although, I must say ... it _is_ really slow.

Anonymous said...'s slowness is to be expected considering how poorly designed many of the sites are. Some have huge photos, clutter and music files playing. Even over a T1 connection I've had trouble with many Myspace pages.

Kat said...

Anonymous - I agree, some people's pages are ridiculous! You'd think they'd take the time to load their own profile and see just how slow it is. I expect those to load slowly and usually just try to avoid them.

However, I've noticed that MySpace often either takes a really long time to load or encounters an error when I'm trying to login or view part of my profile - which does not have all those annoying add-ons :) - that's what drives me crazy. I don't know if the poorly designed pages can be blamed for that.