Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogs in the College or University Setting

Blogging Goes to College: Part 3

At this brainstorming session, we also thought of ways to use blogs on the rest of the campus. Here's what we came up with:
  • A used book exchange for students - this is my favorite example, since students are forever complaining about the high cost of textbooks (who can blame them?!). This actually might work better in a wiki format...
  • Electronic soapbox for students
  • Speaker’s bureau
  • Humanizing college administration – students leave comments on administrative blogs, administrators respond
  • Virtual focus group
  • Research sharing among faculty
  • Lists of special events/campus activities/alumni events
  • Lists of off-campus events/socializing opportunities
  • Marketing for potential students
  • Neighborhood & campus construction updates (process, pictures)
  • Job/volunteer/service opportunities
  • Student groups
  • Combination with courseware
  • Alumni blog
  • Want list for donations (create a list so that people can donate items you need)
  • Campus news
  • Student international experience – post pictures, keep a journal
  • Comments on classes, rating classes (rate your prof-type thing)
  • Collaborative work – faculty, student, committee, alumni
  • Diary of a first year student
  • Information about recruiters coming to campus
  • A blog about research activities in a specific area – areas where research is needed and students should think about doing a paper on that topic, etc.
  • Faculty members blogging about more than just their particular discipline – diversifies their interests
  • Human subjects blog to discuss the grey area issues with doing research using human subjects
  • University town hall: President, deans, etc write on it. parking, policies, etc

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