Friday, August 18, 2006

A New Library Building

Oh, for a new library building. This Chronicle of Higher Education article tells why we should all get one (wouldn't that be nice?). Plus, a thread on one of the listservs I am on has been discussing the increase in visitors with a new library building. It often doubles and at least one library saw it quintuple.

How wonderful would that be? It's all about library as place - comfy furniture, quiet areas, group work areas, nice large computer labs, beautiful yet not overpowering natural lighting, anything to make the library more inviting.

One interesting finding of a survey reported in the Chronicle article was that "the location of a library on a campus made little difference in its popularity among students. "

So our location on the opposite end of campus from the dorms doesn't matter? Even when it involves walking uphill both ways in the snow? :)

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