Monday, August 28, 2006

Uses for Blogs in the Library

Blogging Goes to College: Part 2

To continue what I learned from the Blogging Goes to College brainstorming session, here are some possible uses for blogs within the library:

  • Marketing – library updates, highlight resources, tips and tricks, database changes
  • Reference – as a place to keep answers of difficult questions
  • Archive of common assignments
  • Internal uses – staff updates, announcements, procedural manuals, podcast of professional development, to communicate common questions, committees soliciting comments from non-committee members
  • Using a blog in place of a comment box
  • Tips & tricks – searchable for when students actually need to do the research (“point of need”) – use stats to figure out which posts get more hits and continue to post those kinds of tips
  • Have a guest blog on the library blog
  • Have the author of the book used for the common book program blog on the library’s blog
  • Librarians should have access to class blogs to make helpful comments for research help
  • Post archival photographs asking “who are these people,” etc, for identification purposes
  • Liaison blogs with feedback
  • Hot topic ideas and pointers to resources for students having to write papers/give speeches about hot topics
  • Solicit comments – do we have enough computers? Etc
  • Tutorials

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