Thursday, August 24, 2006

Using Blogs in Instruction

Blogging Goes to College: Part 1

About a month ago on July 27th, I attended a brainstorming session at OhioLINK called "Blogging Goes to College: Weblog Uses in Higher Education." I have been meaning to write about it for some time, and am finally getting around to doing so.

Because it was more or less a day-long event, I'm going to break it down into topics. Today's topic is a list of ways to use blogs in instruction/teaching:

  • Have students blog annotations of librarian-selected websites (evaluating websites)
  • Use blogs for group work, especially in distance learning
  • Use blogs to augment assignments
  • Have a class blog for all students to post on, as an alternative to a message board, etc
  • Use an outside expert on a topic to facilitate discussion within a blog (since few are probably willing to come to campus...)
  • Students post drafts of work for peer review
  • Students maintain one blog during their college career as a portfolio of all their college work
As should be expected, this brainstorming session does have a blog located here, which probably already contains what I'm going to be posting. Oh well. :)

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