Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on Blogging

Work has been CRAZY! But I'm loving it. Lots of instruction sessions! You'd think I could actually post this stuff since I already had it typed up, but no. I'm way behind.

Blogging Goes to College: Part 5

How to encourage blog use among faculty/staff:
  • All librarians create a blog to understand better how to use a blog (negative: creates useless blogs/noise)
  • Say: this is how we are going to provide this essential service – to get it, you’re going to have to subscribe.
  • Provide a service not available anywhere else
  • Recognize that not everyone will use it
  • Make it relevant and useful – so they’ll want to use it
  • Incentive/reward system
  • Rewards example – current awareness (RSS feeds for journal tables of contents)
How to encourage blog use among administration:
  • Saves money
  • Brings in money
  • Community relations – internal and external
  • Helps retain students, faculty, staff
  • People will be more likely to subscribe to your views if they have a say (via comments)
  • Create a feeling of community
  • Speed and accuracy of information

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