Thursday, October 26, 2006

Podcasting: What, How, and Why a presentation Andrew and I gave waaaaayyyy back in August at the OLC Children's and Young Adult Services Conference (see Andrew's post here). Andrew is good with the technical aspect of podcast creation, and I'm a podcast listener/subscriber (or was, haven't had much time lately). Plus, I worked in a public library for years (during high school and college), which was helpful given our audience. Basically, combined we are an awesome team. :)

Our presentation had excellent attendance (owing partially to the fact that the seating was very limited, so all presentations were well-attended). The audience was great, and overall it went really well.

Podcasting really is pretty easy. We ran through the entire process, complete with various options, in our allotted time period. In addition we covered possible uses, why you should podcast, how to listen/subscribe, publicizing your podcast, various challenges to podcasting, and finally briefly touched on the ways you can go beyond podcasting (vodcasting and screencasting).

The wiki for our presentation is here (the powerpoint is available there as well). A list of ways to use podcasting in children's and young adult services is here.


herzogbr said...

Kate, thank you for posting this. I'm trying to get my library to embrace podcasts, and having a nice, simple, how-to guide like this should help.

Some of the ideas I'd like to try are a walking tour of the library, a music trivia challenge (with answers submitted through our website), and recording descriptions of some of the historic locations and events around town (which would also be cataloged and available for download from our catalog).

I'll let you know if any of it ever happens, but thanks again for the directions.

Kat said...

glad to hear it was helpful to you! hope you can entice your library into podcasting! :)