Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cheaper Road Runner

This is not necessarily the most relevant post I've ever made, but then again that's really not that unusual for me.

Yesterday, I called Time Warner Cable to find out if something called Road Runner Light really exists. It does. And it is a lot cheaper than regular Road Runner. $26.95 a month as opposed to $44.95 a month. Supposedly, it is slower than regular Road Runner, although I was assured it is faster than DSL. It probably makes a difference if you do a lot of downloading or streaming, but since I don't do a whole lot of that, it doesn't seem any different to me. Plus, I used to have DSL and loved it.

So, if you have Time Warner Cable, and you are looking to reduce the amount you have to spend on it per month, ask about Road Runner Light. I actually almost like Time Warner Cable now, because the switch was so easy, you just ask and they do it and it takes place immediately.

Moral of the story: "beep beep!" can be cheap... -er. :)

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paul said...

I did some googling to see exactly what RR Lite is. I know the rep told you it was "faster than DSL". This appears to be a lie. Almost all DSL connections are either 1.5Mb/s or 768Kb/s. RR Lite appears to be 384Kb/s (note: an analog modem is 56Kb/s).

Here's a group of people discussing their RR Lite experiences:

If you're okay with 384Kb/s for $26, then don't worry. This is about 10x slower than their normal service (3 or 5Mbit/s).

You might want to test your bandwidth using: