Friday, November 10, 2006

Studying while driving

What do you think about students who study for a test while driving? Who spend more time looking at their notes than the road? And can't maintain even a remotely steady speed? And weave erratically?

And scare the crap out of the poor librarian who just wants desperately to pass said student?

At least it took the monotony out of my 25 minute commute to work this morning.

Yesterday morning, I saw a lady with her hair in curlers driving on the freeway. That was entertaining. :)


herzogbr said...

Yeah - almost as bad as someone talking on their cell phone while driving, huh Kat?

Kat said...

No, talking on one's cell phone does not impede one's ability to watch the road, particularly when voice commands are used for dialing, etc. Also useful is an earpiece which frees up both hands to hold the wheel. :P

Elizabeth said...

The first thing I would do if ever declared Despotic Dictator of the World would be to illegalize talking on cell phones while driving. It really irks me - except, of course, for when I'm the one on the cell phone!