Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hmm, not sure what I think about this since my blog isn't included and all (hehe), but LibWorm is interesting... and it looks pretty. The little worm guy is cute. :)

I suppose I could create an account and get myself added, but frankly, I can't keep up with my current list of blogs - why would I want the opportunity to find so many more wonderful things to read? :)


herzogbr said...

I, too, already spend too much time reading blogs, and didn't like the idea of having to create an account here in order to have my feed added. So, I wrote to LibWorm, and here are a few excerpts from their reply:

You don't have to use LibWorm as your aggregator. You can register for an account, submit your feed, then never log in again...You can even register, submit your feed, then unregister...and we won't delete your feed from the indexing if you do.

...LibWorm requires registration...to prevent abuse or automated submissions, as well as to streamline our process for reviewing, categorizing, and adding feeds to LibWorm...

I appreciated such a complete and quick answer. I still dislike the idea of having hundreds of little account profiles all over the internet, but LibWorm seems very friendly and worth it.

Kat said...

herzogbr - Wow, that is nice of them to respond so quickly. I think I may just have to sign up and add my blog. Thanks for the info!