Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where, oh where, has Kat been?

I haven't been so good with this blogging thing as of late. Things have been busy. Then again, when are they not?

Most recently I have found myself with four less teeth. That was a wondeful experience.... The drugs weren't nearly as fun as my friends promised they'd be. It actually went pretty well, as it is only the 5th day and the swelling is already nearly gone. I return to work tomorrow and it is nice to know that I won't look too terribly much like a chipmunk. :) I could very easily get used to the whole 5 day weekend thing though. Too bad it has to end so soon.

Now the Christmas holiday is drawing close and I have yet to do much Christmas shopping. Ooops. I always put it off though, so this is nothing new. Hopefully I'll get a decent amount accomplished today.

Perhaps I'll return to blogging with a slight bit more regularity at some point in the future...

[And if anyone needs a good oral surgeon in Zanesville, I highly recommend Larry Towning. :o) He rocks!]


herzogbr said...

Welcome back - you've been missed. I'm happy to hear everything went well.

But you know, perhaps your trip to the dentist could be used to assist in your christmas shopping: you need some gifts and you've got four teeth just laying around. I bet they'd make a great necklace, yes?

Ah, aren't you glad to be back?

Elizabeth said...

How could you not think the drugs were fun?! Honestly, the very first thing I said after waking up was, "Wow, can I do that again?" And then I laughed the entire way home : ).

[Granted, I didn't feel so hot once they wore off, but I was lucky enough to have no swelling at all, and went to soccer practice the next day.]

But glad to see you back blogging, and good luck with the holiday shopping! Can't wait for the party!

Kat said...

herzogbr - thanks for the welcome back! Unfortunately, I was not given the four teeth. Actually, I'm not all that saddened by that...

elizabeth - perhaps the problem was that I never really took a full dose. And when I came out of the anesthesia, I was crying (my mom has the same reaction). While I was not upset by the crying, it wasn't apparently the "Wow, can I do that again?" experience that you had. :)

Can't wait for the party either! I bought my socks - they are sweet! :)