Monday, February 26, 2007

Skimming Books is Just As Good?

I disagree. But perhaps that is because I cannot skim. That isn't to say that I am incapable of mastering the skill, but I just find it difficult. I feel I owe it to the writer and to myself to read every word. I do occasionally skim through work-related books though (there are so many good ones that I could never get through them all).

A friend of mine [thanks Elizabeth!] sent this NYT article to me. The author, a literature professor, argues that reading an entire book isn't necessary. Skimming it, reading reviews, or scanning the index provides enough information to discuss the book. He even says:
“To be able to talk with finesse about something one does not know is worth more than the universe of books,” he writes.
I've tried several times to read Moby Dick but I never get past "Call me Ishmael".

Perhaps that is enough?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Those book things, they are tricky!

A very amusing YouTube video shows an individual struggling to learn how to use that oh-so-befuddling device: the book. Pretty funny stuff!

Can you use a book? :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cheap Batteries and more!

Okay, so this is more or less a blogvertisement or whatever you want to call it but I like this company so far. EMTC is a great place to find cheap cell phone batteries, headsets, camcorder accessories, and more. I bought a new battery for my cell phone for only $10, and no shipping! And I've been using it for quite a while (several weeks anyway...) and it's functioning fine.

I just now ordered a new headset for my phone since my other one died recently. We'll see if it's any good....

Friday, February 16, 2007

March of the Librarians

Well, I've been berated by one of my... two? readers for not posting in such a long time (apparently she needs a means for procrastination...). I can't believe it's been a month. The beginning of the semester is always crazy. I'm teaching Library Research Methods again and that takes a lot of my free time.

Anyway, there is a most amusing mocumentary of the librarians at ALA Midwinter in Seattle. I don't know about the whole "mating" thing, but the lines for essential things like coffee and email are pretty funny. :)

I have not yet attended a large conference, but am registered for the ACRL Conference in Baltimore, which is quite exciting. I'm also contemplating the ALA Annual Conference in Washington DC, since I have friends (victims?) in the area who I can perhaps stay with. :)