Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cheap Batteries and more!

Okay, so this is more or less a blogvertisement or whatever you want to call it but I like this company so far. EMTC is a great place to find cheap cell phone batteries, headsets, camcorder accessories, and more. I bought a new battery for my cell phone for only $10, and no shipping! And I've been using it for quite a while (several weeks anyway...) and it's functioning fine.

I just now ordered a new headset for my phone since my other one died recently. We'll see if it's any good....


Elizabeth said...

Are you supposed to replace cell phone batteries?

(Not that it really matters for me anyway, since I'm switching companies and getting a new phone sometime soon. But I'm sufficiently bored with studying that this sounds like a fascinating topic! *grins*)

Kat said...

You do when they only last a half hour before you have to recharge them again. Bleh.

Now it lasts MUCH longer. :)