Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Social Networks for Bibliophiles

Newsweek has a list of websites where book lovers can discuss the latest books they've read, connect to other people who've read the same books they have, swap books, and more.

The only one listed that I've tinkered with is LibraryThing, which is fun but not something I've invested much time into yet.

I suspect some of my friends over at Rage in the Page might be interested in a few of these.

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Elizabeth said...

Damn, that's the last thing I need -- yet another online social forum in which my geekiest secrets can frolic freely.

And yet, I - don't - know - if - I - can - stay - away...

Honestly, there has to be a support group out there somewhere for people like me. Several, hopefully, one for each of my different and unique psychoses.