Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Book Cake

The writer of one of my favorite blogs, Kimbooktu, recently got married. She's posted pictures and you really must check out the awesome wedding cake (just scroll down to see it). :)


Elizabeth said...

Whoa. That's someone even geekier than I am!

She gets brownie points for the Pratchett title, but squanders those with Eragon. And isn't the The History of Love rather...obvious? I couldn't read the other titles. Overall, excellent idea, but poorly executed ; ).

List of 5 Titles Liz Would Have on Her Wedding Cake:

1) Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
2) Gaudy Night, by Dorothy Sayers
3) All's Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare
4) ???
5) ???

Hell, but I can't think of more than 3, and I don't even like the Shakespeare one that much. I'd repeat other Austen novels if I could, but I think one's enough. Jane Eyre is close, but can't be a contender because I wouldn't risk giving a husband of mine a "Rochester" complex.

But if I could use movies, the list would be rounded out thus:

4) Before Sunrise, dir. by Richard Linklater
5) A Little Romance, dir. by George Roy Hill.

Now your turn!

Kimbooktu said...

How funny it is to see someone comment on our wedding cake. Thank you for your compliment on the idea. We aren't geeky, we just love to read. And we wanted something different than the tradition Dutch weddieng cake.

The Pratchett one and the Eragon book are the favorite books of my husband. What can I do?!

The history of love... I wanted a book that had something to do with love. Since I LOVED that book, I decided to choose that one. The other two are also my choices. They are in Dutch though. The first one is The Shadow of the wind and the other one is translated as The discovery of heaven by a Dutch author, which is my favorite book of all times.