Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pew Survey

Take this survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Where do you fit on their Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users?

I'm "Connected but Hassled" which means I have a lot of technology and communication devices and I use them, but I feel hassled by them. They are intrusive. Supposedly the average age of the people in this group is 49.

I feel old.

What are you?


Nye! said...

I'm an omnivore. I use my information gadgets "voraciously" "to participate in cyberspace and express myself online."

And yet, I constantly feel hassled by those gadgets.

herzogbr said...

Huh - I am a Lackluster Veteran. Here are a few of my particularly "fitting" characteristics:
• ...have the necessary gadgets for the information age, such as a broadband connection, cell phone, and a digital camera... (2 out of 3, anyway)
• ...seem content with surfing the Web or emailing others, but they do not show great inclination to stretch their technology habits... (I just had an hour-long meeting yesterday where I had to justify why I want to implement Web 2.0 tools on the library's website - does that count as stretching my technology habits?)
• ...This group has a median age of 40... (I knew I felt older for a reason)
• ...they are well educated and comfortably financially... (well, sweet)

Stacy said...

Supposedly I'm an "omnivore," which only sort-of fits.
Who wrote this quiz? Cosmo?

Elizabeth said...

Omnivore, though I think it's rather wrong. Sure, I watch missed television online and post little stories here or there, but other than I CERTAINLY do not have -- and never WANT to have -- a Crackberry.

*yawns* It's hot today.

Andrew said...

I know you will be shocked, omnivore.

Kat said...

nye! - I'm not surprised, you strike me as an omnivore.

herzogbr - Hoorah for well educated and financially comfortable. I'm not sure how librarians are ever really financially comfortable though....

stacy - haha, Pew would probably not be too excited about being linked to cosmo.

elizabeth - oh, i know you, secretly you long for a crackberry...

andrew - i am absolutely shocked.

Judging by everyone's responses, I'd say this quiz is sometimes but not always, accurate.