Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Plant Obsession

Totally unrelated post, but I think this is so cool. A French botanist creates plant walls that never need pruning, although it's unclear what is needed in regards to watering and feeding.

I love plants. Currently, I have about 12-14 potted plants in my apartment, and 2 vases of bamboo, and I am always looking for more fun pots. I do think the concept of a plant wall is a bit much, especially since it mentions that the botanist/artist has mold growing on his ceiling (now there's an experience I have no interest in repeating - mold in one's home), but I love the idea of bringing nature indoors.

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Elizabeth said...

The mold WAS disgusting, as well as that green fingernail. Blech! Still, some of those pictures were pretty amazing.

Still...plants. Meh. I can take 'em or leave 'em. Mostly, though, I kill 'em.

Then again, since I seem to move on average of twice a year, those plants I actually manage not to slaughter often get thrown out anyway. Such was the fate of my beloved bamboo, which I managed to keep alive for a whole year and a half during law school. *sigh* That was a record.