Monday, June 18, 2007

Slip'n'Slide @ your Library

Attention Case Alumni (i.e. about half my regular readers - it just occurred to me how many of you are Case grads!)

There's a great Google video of some students having fun with a Slip'n'Slide at the Kelvin Smith Library. There seems to be a great deal about the setup, so if you want to just skip to the part where they are slipping and sliding in the library, jump to about 13:30 of the 18 or so minute long clip.

And please, please comment if you ever had the opportunity to participate in something similar. :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh, that's brilliant. Sadly, we weren't that creative at my alma mater. We just got lots and lots of streaking.

reyn said...

How much of that streaking was you, elizabeth?

I wasn't in on that prank, but I do recognize 4 people in the video.

Nye! said...

Wow, I spent many, many hours in KSL that semester, but I wasn't there for that. Very disappointing.

Kat said...

Elizabeth - my alma mater isn't that creative either. I don't even think it has much streaking.

Reyn - Wow, you knew 4 of the people? I'm surprised you weren't in on it. Were you in on any other entertaining pranks?

Nye! - How very disappointing! I would have loved to hear a firsthand account. Besides, spending many hours in a library should be rewarded by being able to enjoy such an entertaining event.