Thursday, July 26, 2007

Entertaining Things

1. Apparently you cannot sign up for Facebook with the first name of Zelda. Not sure how that is supposed to fly with people who are really named Zelda.

2. McDonald's has a survey going on for residents of the US and Canada. However, on the receipt survey you get at McDonald's, it says "In order to win, a Canadian resident must correctly answer a skill-testing question". So I had fun envisioning what skills they might test:

Do you want fries with that?!?! ..... No this is not a trick question!
Quick! How many calories in a 6 piece chicken McNugget?
How high can you flip a McDonald's pancake?!
List all the ingredients in the Asian Salad!
How many Big Macs can you eat in 10 minutes?!?!

However, I have since looked up the Official Rules, which say: "If a potential winner is an eligible Canadian resident, such potential Canadian winner will be required by law to correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question, administered by the Judging Organization, by e-mail, mail, or phone, without assistance of any kind, before he/she can be declared the winner of any prize."

Boy, I really feel sorry for Canadians. They need mad math skillz, and they can't even phone a friend - all just to win a gift certificate to McDonald's!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Last of HP

Well, I did it. After holding off, not thinking I'd bother, I went ahead and ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. However, unlike so many people I know, I will not be getting it tonight/Saturday morning and reading all weekend.

Since I still intend to read 5 and 6 before reading 7 (or maybe watching 5 and reading 6) it will be a while before I get to the latest and last book of the series. And I'm okay with that. For two reasons: Number 1 - It will drive all my Harry-Potter-addicted friends mad because they cannot discuss it with me (I know, I did the same thing when number 6 came out /evil cackle/). Number 2 - I have no desire to stand in line at midnight. Or even worse - stand in line TWICE! Once to get my number and then again to get the book. Are these people nuts? I love Harry Potter, but I can wait to read it.

Plus, I had a Borders Gift Certificate (thank you, Discover Card - it truly does pay to Discover) so I just used that. HP #7 should arrive between Wednesday and Friday. And that's soon enough for me.

Happy HP Reading, everyone! :)