Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Now that's Branding

While glancing through our newly added books, I came across two whose covers amuse me. Apparently, The Ohio State University has to decided to make it exceptionally clear which books they have published.

Check out the cover of Middle Passages and the Healing Place of History

or Victorian Sensations: Essays on a Scandalous Genre

Gotta love the upper lefthand corner (and also the top of the spine and upper right hand corner on the back - it wraps around). It's not uncommon for the publisher to be on the cover, this is just a very eye-catching version.


Roger said...

Personally I wouldn't expect anything different from OSU, but that's just me. On the front it doesn't look so bad, but you're saying it wraps around completely? That is in fact quite obnoxious.

Kat said...

It isn't actually that obnoxious. It's just exceedingly obvious and a bit tacky, in my opinion.