Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It could have been me?

An adjunct librarian shot and killed a librarian at Northeast Lakeview College near San Antonio, Texas. Read the story here and here.

The crazy part?
1. I applied for a job at this college in Fall 2007.
2. I had a phone interview.
3. The interviewer said they were VERY interested in me - I fit the position perfectly.
4. My boyfriend decided to take a job in Pittsburgh instead of Texas, so I turned down the in-person interview.
5. The murdered librarian was the one who was hired for that very same job.


Based on the comments on a blog they set up in his memory, he was a fantastic librarian with a great passion for helping students. What a terrible tragedy and such a loss for that college, everyone who knew him, and the library community.


Roger said...

Now I'm even more glad you didn't move down to Texas. Granted I don't think it's fair to assume the same would happen to you since a motive has not been established, but even I can feel the "What if?" tugging at me.

Kate said...

You are right, it isn't fair to assume, but it's still odd to me. I really didn't apply for all that many jobs and for the recipient of one of them to have been murdered by a coworker.... Well, it just feels weird.

betsy said...

this is one of those really scary moments. so tragic. so glad you're in PA!

The Fighting Librarian said...

Phew! I'm glad you didn't move to Texas! (And way to keep up with the blogging. I'm only just now deciding to stick it out :))