Thursday, May 06, 2010

Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age

The article, Individual Knowledge in the Internet Age (EDUCAUSE Review), is not exactly what you would expect from the co-founder of Wikipedia. He expresses concern that we are underemphasizing the importance of individual knowledge. Instead, we have turned to the internet as such a readily available source of knowledge that students no longer need to memorize facts. In addition, the increasing number of assignments that revolve around students working together to create knowledge is not necessarily a good trend.

He also argues that the internet is not a good replacement for a complex, dense book.

An interesting read. Makes me want to go read War and Peace. Or maybe not... :)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Two Types of Librarians

There seem to be two types of librarians: (a) those who think the library is a privilege and users must respect that; and (b) those who recognize that libraries wouldn't be around without the users.

In the book Bite-Sized Marketing by Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, and Jonathan Siberman, the authors lay out "The New-Media Marketing Manifesto." One statement of this manifesto illustrates which type of librarian we should all strive to be:
I will remember that my job is not to convince people that they need libraries but to convince libraries that they need people (p. 17).
Let's all repeat that a few times.