Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can Library Instruction be Fun??

I remember as a student feeling that library instruction was about the most boring thing I could possibly have attended. So now, in my new role as librarian, I’m trying very hard to find neat, innovative, entertaining ways to keep the students awake while still getting the information across.

So, my ideas so far are:
1. Using more examples
2. Choosing fun topics to search for (pornography anyone?)
3. The use of metaphors to explain concepts.

Anyone have any suggestions? I know most of you are not librarians, but you are or were students at one time. Is there anything that would have made it less boring? Anyone remember a good technique a librarian used?

For those librarians out there facing the same problem, there is a library instruction wiki here: http://instructionwiki.org/
I’m slowly going through it to see what information it has to offer.

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