Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jumping on the Blog Bandwagon

I thought I'd give this whole blog thing a try. I'm forever finding neat things on the Internet that I think people should know about, so now instead of emailing these things to everyone (which probably drives them batty), I can just post it on here.

So we'll see how my foray into blogging goes.

Today's fun website is:

This site allows you to be on AIM, ICQ, MSN, and/or Yahoo without having to download anything to your computer. It's in beta form, but I've tried it out briefly and it seems to work pretty well. I've only tried one screenname at a time, but apparently you can be on multiple accounts at once.

I found Meebo on a library blog somewhere. I'd love to give credit but have no idea which one I found it on. I will have to remember to pay more attention to that in the future. I love reading Library blogs, particularly the technology-related ones, because I find some of the neatest things.


Stacy said...

Hi, Kate! I found the Yahoo blog I told you about earlier: It works like a combo of hi-5 and blogger, and you can limit who has access to it.
Oh, and glad to see you're on the bandwagon! :o) Also, it was great seeing you this weekend.

liz said...

Just wanted to say . . . hi!!!

I'm not on this particular bandwagon, but I'm happy to trail along in your rumbling wake : ).