Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rethinking the Library Course

As a result of listening to an excellent podcast from Rochelle Mazar and Jason Nolan of the Metaphorica Network, I have completely revamped my Library Research Methods course. Or at least, I've got some new ideas (and plan to throw out the old or at the very least, reincorporate them in a new way), and will get to spend the months before I teach again in the spring figuring out how to implement them as best as possible.

This method should eliminate the need for a textbook (which the students will love), foster discussion, and get them actively engaged in learning by making it very hands-on. As my ideas develop, I will post more about them.

But for now, if you teach a course (it certainly does not have to be a library-related one) and are interested in incorporating blogs into it, I highly recommend you check out the podcast! And perhaps check out their blog as well.

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