Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I just added 5 or so blogs to my Bloglines account related to the whole web 2.0 idea, and I'm finding the reading fascinating... and bewildering. Just more evidence that I'm really behind on all this technology stuff and that the jargon is often lost on me. I think I at least finally understand the Web 2.0 concept where everything you normally do on your desktop would be available on the web - word processing, storage, etc.

In A Venture Forth Dan Grossman posted about 30Gigs.com. This site offers email with, as you can probably guess, 30 gigs of storage. So, essentially you can store most of your hard drive (for those of us with hard drives of less than 30 gigs anyway) in your email. It boggles the mind that email with such vast storage can be offered, and for FREE, too! Server space is apparently pretty cheap.

In case you are interested, the other 4 web 2.0 blogs are:
The last three are all available at the Web 2.0 Workgroup, which will be a constantly expanding site for blogs dealing with Web 2.0.

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