Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Favorite Patrons

Kat's Favorite Patrons (perhaps this will be a recurring list as I encounter more fun patrons):

1. The ladies who bring their dogs into the library. Yes, I am serious, and no, no one says anything about it. I guess we don't have a dog policy. The ladies stay in the circulation desk area near the library entrance so the dogs don't get to frolic through the stacks or anything, but still. Dogs? Come on, people! (Hmmm, perhaps the dogs could be trained to pee on parts of the collection that we'd like to throw out? Here doggie doggie doggie, this row of books all date before 1950, could you please cock your little leg on them? I'll give you a doggie treat! You know you want to! I can tell your little bladder is full!)

2. The students who expect the librarians not only point them in the right direction towards useful resources, but also to pick the articles the students should read, print them out free of charge, AND perhaps even read the articles for them and type the paper. Oh yes, and properly cite everything as well. Reality check: We are here to help, not to serve you your paper on a silver platter. It's supposed to be a learning experience.

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