Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sit in your bookshelves

Ever wanted to just crawl into your bookshelves and read? Check out a design for a bookshelf where you can do just that here. The shelves are also designed to fit all sorts of differently-sized books. Pretty neat.

(found this at LISNews)


llama said...

OH you mean you don't shush people all day long????? la la la la....
you forgot to mention your important work helping me out! and for all those who think her help has nothing to do with her work....boy are you wrong. This grad student needs all the help she can get! so yeah...thanks "Kat"
from your crazy roomie...Llama

Kat said...

Very funny, Llama. No, I don't shush people.

And yes, my very important work helping you and all my other friends out. I am not only a librarian to the students at my institution but also to my friends. Sometimes I even send resources when people haven't even asked for them! (But only if I'm 99% sure the resource will be useful, I promise).