Thursday, October 13, 2005

Useful Web 2.0 Gadgets

I have begun using a few Web 2.0 or related gadgets at work and they are really quite useful. Since my time at work is divided between the reference desk and my office, I spend a lot of time at two different computers. This results in a lot of emails to myself saying "Bookmark This!" or "Save this to your hard drive!". So....

For my bookmarks, I am now using It's been out there for quite some time, and I'm just now jumping on board. But now I can use my bookmarks at any computer! Unfortunately, it isn't the prettiest site, but it will do - a sentiment I've seen expressed in other blogs, so I'm not the only one.

For Word documents that I work on at both the reference desk and in my office, I am using Writely. Writely is a word processor available on the web, so you can access it anywhere.

Can't wait to find out what other eGadgets I can put to use at work!

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